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Practical short courses

Manual Handling

A preventative program to build knowledge and capability within your workforce to self-manage manual handling risks and to complete manual tasks safely.

Working Safely at your Desk

A short practical session for office based workers covering workstation set-up, manual handling, general hazard identification and management, body dynamics, posture, stretching and breaks.

Introduction to Fatigue Management

provides general information for employers & employees around the workplace and individual factors that contribute to fatigue. The session covers what fatigue is, who is responsible for managing fatigue risk factors in the workplace and individual factors that influence sleep quality.

WHS Due Diligence

Who is an officer under the WHS legislation and what do terms like due diligence and reasonably practicable really mean? This course defines what they mean in practical terms for the management of safety in your business.

We look at case studies to demonstrate how you can meet your due diligence requirements on a day to day basis and outlines the issues you might need to consider.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness in the Workplace

provides participants with an increased awareness of drug and alcohol problems within the workplace, including how the use of these might impair worker performance and impact on workplace safety.

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour workshop

is designed to help organisations meet their obligations, including those relating to the Fair Work Amendment Act 2012 anti-bullying measures. It covers what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour – particularly working within the context of an organisation’s values and policy framework and from the perspective of promoting a positive workplace culture.

Resilience in the Workplace is highly practical

and applied training covering several elements of personal resilience to enable people to respond to change, maximize performance, recover quickly after setbacks, improve productivity and develop a winning mindset.


Each short course add can be mixed and matched to the list of add ons and following any training delivered, Konekt can provide targeted ongoing support, which could include:

  • Participant debrief –1-2 months following the training for review and to address any issues or concerns that may have arisen;
  • Ongoing support via a monthly teleconference for identified managers/staff;
  • Review of the training program after 6 and 12 months to assess its effectiveness in reducing injuries/risks and improving awareness;
  • Competency refresher training and updates to reflect new information, systems or processes.

The face to face training courses could also be supported through follow up online learning platform modules (Konekt Training) providing workers and managers with access to additional resources. This could also be used for refresher training, with assessment tasks such as quizzes to ensure ongoing understanding of the original course content.

Packaging options

Konekt offers a unique tailoring option, enabling you to mix and match sessions to meet the specific training needs of your organisation. Ask us for more details.


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