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Managing WHS in the workplace

Konekt offers a number of 3-4 hour courses to help you manage WHS in the workplace.

Risk Management is a practical, workplace focused course providing participants with the knowledge and skills to identify hazards in their workplace, assess the level of risk and recommend/implement suitable control measures in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Ergonomic Workstation Training is a ‘train the trainer’ style course, providing participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct a basic workstation assessment for workers in their area, complete relevant documentation and know their limits, i.e. when to call in an expert to conduct the assessment.

WHS Committees – an overview of the relevant WHS legislation, the roles and responsibilities of committee members and how to work effectively as a WHS committee, including consultation and communication, incident investigation and action plans.

WHS for Managers and Supervisors provides participants with a sound understanding of their responsibilities in relation to safe and healthy working environments, advice on hazard identification and risk management, and practical interactive activities focused on their own work environments.

Contractor Management Training considers the various factors involved in managing contractors, particularly around WHS, throughout the contractor lifecycle from selection and induction, through to performance measuring and monitoring.

Developing a Strong Safety Culture examines the behaviours, leadership traits and other factors that contribute to a strong safety culture, considers why systems, policies and procedures alone may not improve safety awareness, and understanding what drives people to engage with safety to develop more effective strategies to combat work related incidents and accidents.

Incident Response and Investigation Training provides participants with the basic investigation and analysis skills needed to undertake workplace accident and incident investigations. With practical, realistic case scenarios, the training covers:

  • Managing initial responses to incidents;
  • Developing investigation plans;
  • Collecting information and data;
  • Analysing information and data gathered to identify immediate and underlying causes and practical prevention measures;
  • Compiling and communicating investigation reports.
Developing Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces workshop provides a framework to help organisations not only comply with the Work Health & Safety obligations but also realise performance productivity, reputation, employee engagement, and retention benefits associated with a psychologically healthy workplace.

Packaging options

Konekt offers a unique tailoring option, enabling you to mix and match sessions to meet the specific training needs of your organisation. Ask us for more details.


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