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Psychological Functional Capacity Evaluation

Konekt Workcare’s Psychological Functional Capacity Evaluation (PFCE) enables you to support an individual who has a psychological injury to determine the suitability of their role using objective and evidence-based tools.

Combining psychometric testing and interviewing techniques to gather information, the PFCE assesses the psychological capacity of an individual and helps to inform their suitability against pre-injury job demands, alternate suitable duties or a new vocational option altogether.

Our experienced team of psychologists use the results to provide a full picture of an individual’s psychological functioning to establish appropriate work capacity and suitability, and to prevent further injury.

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The PFCE assesses a range of elements including:

Cognitive functioning

Personality factors


Mental health

Medical information including treatment, self-reported psychological functioning (pre and post injury), and risks are also evaluated.

When to have a PFCE

A PFCE is an assessment tool used to establish work capacity for anyone who has been medically assessed with a psychological injury.

The PFCE ensures that vocational goals align with an individual’s psychological and cognitive capacity and should be considered when determining:

Ability to perform pre-injury duties

Suitability for alternative duties, or

Appropriateness of new vocational options

How a PFCE works

Whilst PFCEs are primarily conducted face to face by our experienced team of psychologists in capital and regional locations around Australia, in certain circumstances the assessment may be undertaken via telehealth.

Following our assessment, a comprehensive report is generated containing a clear evaluation of the individual’s psychological capacity to perform their pre-injury role, alternate suitable duties, or a new vocation.

In situations where a individual’s mental health status is not yet established, Konekt’s Mental Health Fitness for Work Assessment is recommended. This assessment helps to establish the root cause of workplace performance or behaviour issues and provides a comprehensive report with recommendations to assist an individual to be safe and well at work.

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At Konekt, we make a difference by helping Australians into work, back to work, and be well when at work, to maximise workforce participation.

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