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JobScreen Rapid

Online pre-employment assessment tool

JobScreen Rapid is an online pre-employment screening service designed to help evaluate a potential candidate's health risks before recruitment.

Pre-employment assessments are an important part of the risk management process. They can help improve employee safety and minimise work-related injuries and costs.

However, in an environment where candidates cannot be met with in person, this can be a problem when you need to assess their suitability for the role.

Additionally, not all positions are high risk and therefore may not warrant the time and cost associated with face to face assessments.

JobScreen Rapid provides employers with a solution.

JobScreen Rapid benefits

Online & contactless

Quick and easy set up

Immediate results

Cost effective result

Simplified reporting

Simplified comparison

So, when should you use JobScreen Rapid?

  • As an alternative to face to face assessments for light or sedentary positions. Saving you time and money.
  • Or it can be used as a pre-screening tool to support shortlisting of candidates. For example, when considering two candidates you could use JobScreen Rapid for both in order to shortlist the most suitable candidate.

When to use JobScreen Rapid

  • Low risk roles
  • Moderate to high risk roles - no limitations to face-to-face testing
  • Moderate to high risk roles - limitations to face-to-face testing (e.g. COVID-19)

JobScreen Rapid (online)

JobScreen Functional (face-to-face)

How does JobScreen Rapid work?

JobScreen Rapid is easy to set up and delivers immediate results.

  • First, sign your business up to JobScreen Rapid and enter the candidate’s details
  • From here, the candidate will receive an online notification
  • This will ask the candidate to complete a medical questionnaire which will be used to create a report that identifies potential restrictions and recommendations
  • These reports will allow you to compare the health profile of each candidate, to ensure you hire the most suitable person

Employ the right person, sooner.

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