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Mental Health Fitness for Work Assessment


The Mental Health Fitness for Work (MHFFW) Assessment is an injury prevention service that enables you to better support your employees.

The assessment looks at the issues having an impact on an employee’s mental health, either at home or at work and recommends how managers can support them and avoid injury or illness.

By providing the right support at the earliest signs of poor mental health, you can better prevent serious injury or illness and avoid losing a good employee in your workplace.

How a MHFFW assessment works

When you’re concerned about an employee’s mental health and the impact it is having at work, and in their life, you can request a MHFFW assessment.

Our team of experienced consultants will confirm details of the assessment with you before meeting with your employee.

We then arrange a meeting with your employee to discuss the issues impacting their mental health and the requirements of their job.

We may also look at any previous health concerns and reports from your employee’s GP and other health professionals.

Wherever possible the assessment is delivered face-to-face, or it is carried out via telehealth in agreement with you and your employee.

Following our assessment, you receive a report with clear recommendations on how to support your employee and any modifications which may help them perform at their best.

Know when your employee needs an assessment

Mental health conditions, just like many physical health issues, can be complex and personal.

Common reasons why employers reach out to support their employees come after they notice changes in an employee’s character or their performance in their role.

MHFFW assessments are often used in the following situations

Changes in employee’s behaviour
Decreased productivity

Interpersonal issues at work or at home

Increased sick leave or patterns of sick leave

Concerns regarding the psychological safety and welfare of the employee, or those around them

Prevent injuries and support your team

Injury prevention in your workplace isn’t just about your employees’ physical health, supporting their mental health is also vital.

Poor mental health can have a significant impact on your employee’s wellbeing, impact their performance and the productivity of your wider team.

By supporting your employee with a MHFFW Assessment you can:

Identify ways to help employees at work and in life

Reduce the risk of lost productivity

Prevent workplace injury


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