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I have been referred for return to work support

If you have injured yourself at work, then your employer or insurer may refer you to Konekt to receive assistance with your return to work and rehabilitation. Konekt has appropriately qualified health professional staff with the skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with expert advice, support and services, whilst maintaining communication with your employer, insurer and treating parties, in order to help you recover from your injury and get back to work.

Your return to work support will be specifically tailored to your injury and workplace, and may include:

  • Assessment of your needs;
  • Assistance in finding suitable duties for you to perform whilst you are recovering from your injury;
  • Facilitation of communication between yourself, your employer, insurer and treating parties;
  • Assistance with locating new employment if you are not able to return to your pre-injury role.

Konekt will develop a return to work goal for you, and work with you and your employer in developing an appropriate return to work plan in order to facilitate your return to pre-injury status. This will involve consultation with yourself and employer at the workplace, your doctor and any other relevant parties. Your current condition and any restrictions you might have will also be considered, and the return to work plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure progress is made during your recovery.

If your doctor / treating parties deem that you are not fit to return to your pre-injury role in the long term, then Konekt can assist you to locate new employment which is physically appropriate to your injury and restrictions. We can do this by:

  • Identifying suitable new employment options within the labour market, specifically tailored to you and your current condition;
  • Helping you to become prepared for job seeking;
  • Helping you actively look for new employment and become independent in job seeking activities;
  • Organising any training you might need in order to commence a new position;
  • Looking for on the job training / work experience type placements.

At Konekt, we make a difference by helping Australians into work, back to work, and be well when at work, to maximise workforce participation.

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