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I have been referred for a pre-employment assessment

If you are attending a pre-employment assessment, you will be sent an email explaining what to do and what to expect.

If you have been informed that you are completing a Konekt JobScreen™ assessment, you will need to complete an online medical questionnaire before your assessment. Failing to complete the questionnaire beforehand will mean your assessment cannot be performed. Log on instructions will be provided to you. Please complete the assessment as soon as possible; it should take no longer than 30 minutes.

If you cannot access the internet or are having problems completing the online medical questionnaire please contact Konekt on 1300 566 358 immediately.

Please be aware of the following prior to the assessment:

  1. Please bring a form of photo identification (e.g. drivers licence) to the assessment(s), this is a mandatory requirement.
  2. For health and safety reason, you MUST wear closed in shoes to the assessment. This is a mandatory requirement.
  3. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. We recommend against jeans as they tend to restrict your movement.
  4. If you wear glasses, contact lenses or use a hearing aid, bring these to the assessment(s) with you.
  5. Please avoid the following for two (2) hours prior to the assessment: smoking, caffeinated beverages (e.g. – tea, coffee, cola), energy drinks (V, Red Bull and anything containing taurine or guarana).
  6. Please be aware that a urine sample may be required at the beginning of your assessment so ensure you have consumed enough fluids to complete the test.
  7. Please avoid excessive noise (above 80dB) for 16 hours prior to the assessment (General talking volume).
  8. If you are feeling unwell, please let us know as early as possible as we may recommend that you reschedule.
  9. Please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to complete paperwork. Should you arrive late, the consultant may not be able to complete the assessment(s).

If you have any questions or if there are any problems at the time of the assessment please do not hesitate to contact the Konekt Service Centre on 1300 566 358.


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