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Pre-employment assessments for cleaners

Cleaners, janitors and housekeeping staff perform domestic and commercial cleaning services which include a broad range of physical activities performed in a range of different work environments such as homes, offices, industries, schools, shops and hospitals.

Cleaners are exposed to several health and safety risks in their varying work environments. Common hazards include injuries from manual tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, wiping surfaces, polishing, moving rubbish and furniture and equipment; accidents caused by slips, trips and falls; exposure to hazardous substances and electrical shock.

Reduce your hiring risk with pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments are a risk management tool used to screen candidates for risk factors that may impact their ability to perform a job safely.

Pre-employment assessments for cleaning workers creates a safer working environment and reduces the risk of injury.

What does a pre-employment assessment involve?

Konekt’s JobScreen pre-employment assessment service involves an online medical questionnaire followed by a face to face functional assessment with a choice of additional assessment options that can be tailored to the requirements of each role such as drug and alcohol screening or hearing and respiratory evaluation.

However, in the current environment where face to face assessments may be prohibited and candidates cannot be assessed in- person, Konekt’s JobScreen Rapid offering provides employers with a solution.

What is JobScreen Rapid?

JobScreen Rapid is an an online medical questionnaire designed to evaluate a potential candidates health risks before recruitment.

When hiring childcare workers, JobScreen Rapid is suitable for:

  • Pre-screening to assist in shortlisting potential candidates before undertaking a full functional assessment. Saving time and money.
  • Trying to understand physical suitability for a role when a face to face assessment is not possible, such as during COVID-19.

Where JobScreen Rapid is not indicated, face to face functional capacity evaluations are recommended.

Employ the right person, sooner.

Find out more about Konekt’s pre-employment assessment services – JobScreen and JobScreen Rapid.

Konekt Workcare provides employers with reliable and fast pre-employment assessments that can be tailored to your organisation and job roles.


At Konekt, we make a difference by helping Australians into work, back to work, and be well when at work, to maximise workforce participation.

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